Mielizia: working with bees since 1979

Combining the Italian words for honey (miele) and delight (delizia), we coined the name Mielizia, the brand representing the beekeepers of CONAPI, Consorzio Nazionale Apicoltori, (Italian National Consortium of Beekeepers), the largest beekeepers cooperative in Italy and one of the most important in the world too.

Our beekeepers nurture biodiversity and work in harmony with bees, creating just the right conditions to enable these wonderful insects to produce good, clean honey, pollen and other hive products.

We are an authentic and complete “honey supply chain” as well as pollen, royal jelly and propolis from Piedmont to Sicily.

A complete supply chain: from production to packaging

We oversee and manage all phase of the supply chain: from territory selection, to production in the apiary through to packaging and marketing and sale of the final product.

A modern in-house laboratory carries out the initial fundamental checks on the incoming products and works in partnership with specialised external laboratories to run regular tests on the honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis entering and leaving the plant, assessing their chemical and physical characteristics, organoleptic properties, and botanical and geographical origin, in addition to ensuring that the products are completely free of impurities.

The product is treated gently throughout the entire process. We valorize all Italian honey because we understand that there is not just one type of “honey”, but as many “honeys” as there are flowers in every di­fferent area. Moreover, we understand the skilled role of the beekeeper in forecasting flowering.

Each honey has its own characteristic avour, aroma and colour, which can be appreciated for their uniqueness!

Environmental and quality policy

Freschezza e Qualità

Solo dopo attenti controlli per testare freschezza e qualità nascono i mieli Mielizia, confezionati con un processo delicato e rispettoso delle proprietà organolettiche e nutrizionali.

Nessun trattamento di pastorizzazione

Conapi controlla e confeziona il miele dei suoi apicoltori senza mai sottoporlo a trattamenti di pastorizzazione. I mieli sono semplicemente ammorbiditi nella camera calda a temperature che non superano mai i 40° – la temperatura massima presente anche nell’alveare – per mantenere intatti sapori, profumi e principi nutritivi dei mieli.

Rispetto dell’Ambiente e della Biodiversità

Le materie prime dei nostri prodotti sono ottenute nel rispetto dell’ambiente e della biodiversità, nella consapevolezza del ruolo fondamentale svolto dall’apicoltura nell’ecosistema.

Rispetto della Biodiversità

Rispetto della biodiversità: promozione del biologico, delle produzioni regionali, tipiche e di quelle equo solidali.

Materiali ecologici

Implementazione di tecniche di lavorazione rispettose dell’ambiente: attraverso la scelta di materiali, forniture, pack innovativi e biodegradabili. La riduzione degli imballi e la lorobiodegradabilità viene assunta come politica prioritaria.

Tracciabilità dell’origine

Valorizzazione dell’origine, della qualità delle produzioni e dell’identità dei produttori.

Our headquarters is located in Monterenzio, in the province of Bologna, but our consortium represents more than 600 beekepers with about 100.000 hives on the entire italian territory.


Monitoring and certification relating to organic production according to the  Regulation UE 2018/848

Regulation EC 1221/2009 which monitors the
company’s environmental impact.

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Certification of traceability in the food chain
EN ISO 22005

Certification of integrated environmental systems
EN ISO 14001

Certification of International Featured standard
(IFS) FOOD, standard recognised by GFSI (Global
Food Safety Initiative).

Certification of quality management systems
EN ISO 9001

Certification of food safety management system

EN ISO 22000.

Certification of energy management system
EN ISO 50001.

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